Heavenly Haven | One soul at a time
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Welcome to Heavenly Haven

Donations are always welcome

Heavenly Haven supports roughly 120 toddlers and children from deprived areas. The need here is for educational material, toys and clothing donations

Skills are great

We teach skills including sewing, knitting, crocheting, woodwork, mosaic, wirework, baking, literacy and basic computer skills.
Raw materials are always needed, such as glue, thread, fabric, paints, wool, wire, nails and beads.

Clothes and food parcels

We hand out clothing and food parcels regularly to sustain this impoverished community, but we also encourage individuals to sign on to the skills programme, so that they can eventually become independent.

Our Founders

Jolindy Dreyer

Jolindy Dreyer

Director Heavenly Haven
2005 – present
Zac Dreyer

Zac Dreyer

Director Heavenly Haven

November 2012 – present

 Heavenly Haven

Heavenly Haven is a community upliftment project located in Great Brak River, roughly 25km south of George.
We focus on uplifting the community through skills development, teaching and training, as this is the only way sustainable change will happen.